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Citizens for Adequate Public Schools is a group of volunteer parents formed to work productively with the parents, children, and community leaders of Union County, North Carolina. Our overall goal is to help facilitate the best possible educational experience for all children and parents in Union County.

There has not been a time in the history of Union County with this level of involvement from parents, businesses, and teachers. We have roofs that pour water onto students with every storm, we have mold growing in some buildings, and the Board of Education has ignored these things for far too long. Now is the time to speak up and demand changes in how our schools are managed. Every student deserves an adequate public school.

Eight Positive Steps

On April 28, 2014 we introduced Eight Positive Steps as our roadmap for moving forward. These are our initial suggestions for improving the education for all of Union County:

  1. Reverse redistricting and work to restore the public’s trust in our elected officials and their capacity to do what is best for every student in Union County.
  2. Create a Parent Advisory Board to act as a voice for the parent and student stakeholders in Union County. There is an existing infrastructure in our SIT and PTO volunteers that have experience working with parents and schools. A leadership team from within this infrastructure should be extended to the Board of Education to facilitate two-way communication between parents and the Board of Education, as well as address the needs of individual schools and clusters.
  3. Address the needs of under-performing schools with real and viable options to correct the inequity between our schools, both academically and structurally. Create successful academic programs that meet the individual needs of the individual schools. One size does not fit all. Every child deserves the best education we can possibly provide, and no child should be in a school where mold is growing and roofs are leaking.
  4. We want to see local businesses support the John H. Crowder Service Award for students who are recognized for their outstanding community service.
  5. Assign one Board of Education member to act as the liaison to the Parent Advisory Board.
  6. Rebuild the relationship between the Board of Education and the Board of County Commissioners.
  7. Allow the Parent Advisory Board the opportunity to provide input to the Board of Education as they implement sustainable and long-term solutions to growth and overcrowding as well as rehabilitation and proper maintenance of our existing assets. Short-term band-aid fixes are not the answer and we need to start working on long-term planning that takes into account stakeholder feedback.
  8. Utilize the Parent Advisory Board to engage community members, the parent and student stakeholders, and community leaders. The current lack of transparency and two-way communication needs to end.

Legal Action Update

Updated 7/23/2014

On July 23, Judge Inman ruled against our motion for Preliminary Injunction. With that decision, our only avenue to stop redistricting in time for school in the fall has been closed. We’ll have additional updates in the coming days. But for now, we will continue assisting families as they fight their individual appeals before UCPS and the Board of Education. If you need assistance, please contact us: